Why wear a Jockstrap?


Ever pondered this question?  Well maybe, just maybe, I can help………………


Briefs and boxers are renowned for riding up and can be quite uncomfortable.  There’s nothing worse than having to nip to the lavatory to re-adjust your underwear whilst on a night out. Jocks are surprisingly comfortable.  Make sure you get a good fit and you won’t turn back once you’ve tried one.

What I like about a Jock is that it positions my jewels as I wish.  It’s the equivalent to a bra for a guy – it secures your privates and keeps them in the right place whilst mobile.


Feeling sexy means feeling confident….

Wearing something risqué below will boost your self-confidence, the feeling of naughtiness will give you a glow.  It’s such a great feeling – wearing something naughty whilst out and about – it’s your little secret, no-one else knows.

Remember – don’t get knocked down, it could be quite embarrassing if you ended up in A&E.

Jock 1 Thumb

Enhancement & Look

We all want to look sexy for our better half.  A jock is a great asset for accentuating your bits, not to mention the appeal of bearing your bubble butt during foreplay. All is on show and at its best whilst snuggled away within a Jock.

Fantasy / Kink / Fetish

Wearing sexy undies is a kink for many men.  Imagine hooking up with someone new and revealing your assets in your sexist Jock….

Man gay guys attend fetish nights / clubs – again the Jock is a popular choice of attire for these events.

Jock Types

There are hundreds of Jock designs in many different styles, colours and fabrics. From Leather to Lycra, there is a Jock to suit your needs – it’s great fun shopping for them, and you will be surprised at the pricing point – you will easily find a Jock which meets your needs, at a price you can afford!

Happy Shopping Guys……….  www.jocz.co.uk

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